Bad decisions

Asha’s consciousness reluctantly and slowly returned to what has now become an all too familiar daze. Dawn hasn’t quite fully taken hold, leaving the room dim; easy for tired eyes to adjust to. It’s overcast but what does she care… it’s not going to be a nice day.

Closing her eyes again, she listens to her abnormally pulsating heartbeat whilst fishing for the thoughts swimming through her mind and damp sheets, feeling sore…

“damp sheets…! uugh, have I been sweat…”

She pauses in the middle of squirming awkwardly though sheets, damp with sweat and ‘what doesn’t feel quite like sweat’, when she notices… “it”.

“…uuuhg, great” Asha ponders softly, no longer bothering to remember what went off the night before.

“Why are you still here?”

A brief murmur followed by resuming relaxed breathing let her know she hadn’t woken him.

‘No… no, there isn’t any falling back asleep now. Better get up and wash – I can sulk / sleep later’ she thought.

Sitting up carefully, as not to disturb him, the whole bout of gritty sensations, imprinted from the previous night, flooded back: a biting spell of warm dizziness and a raw aching all over, as well as a stale moist sensation in her sex…. The whole thing wanted to make her stomach turn… well, not that it wasn’t doing that anyway.

Gathering a fragile composure and taking a first proper glance back at her guest, she could only sigh. “He’s kinda’ cute though”

Stretching as much as could sensibly be done and quietly leaving the room, she wasn’t looking forward to kicking him out.